Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Egg and I - Scarborough, ME

Our favorite restaurant in Scarborough for breakfast has a great lunch too.  

The Egg and I
Scarborough, ME
It is rare when you find a restaurant that has the perfect blend of price, quality, and service blended with really great food. For us, the Egg and I in Scarborough, ME is one such place. I had originally thought that it was a local restaurant that had one new location in Portland. I was wrong, it is a small chain of over 100 restaurants in twenty states.[i] The restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch.

My wife and I had been to the Egg and I in Scarborough several times before we moved to Maine last June. It was one of the first restaurants we went to for breakfast after we located to the state and continued to be impressed by their great food. We noticed some really interesting  items on their lunch menu, so we thought we’d stop by for a lunch.

Photo of Cheddar Cheeseburger by Don Taylor
Cheddar Cheeseburger w/Bacon
at the Egg and I
I drink coffee most any time so I ordered the coffee and our standard, water with lemon. After as quickly as we received our waters and coffee we were ready to order. My wife decided upon a
Chicken Apple Walnut sandwich, which is touted as, “A blend of chicken, apples, walnuts, celery, green onions and mayonnaise. Served with lettuce and tomato on grilled raisin bread.”

I felt like a burger so I ordered the Cheddar Cheeseburger, a “Grilled burger patty topped with melted Cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato and mayonnaise.” I ordered extra “crisp bacon” on my burger for an additional charge.

Photo of Cheddar Cheeseburger by Don Taylor
Cheddar Cheeseburger w/Bacon opened
The Egg and I
The food arrived quickly, as is usually the case at the Egg and I and it looked great. My burger was beautiful, the thick cut bacon extended over the edges of the sandwich and looked perfectly done, crispy, yet not burned. I had to open it up to see inside and really check out the sandwich -- tomato looked ripe and delicious, two slices of cheddar cheese, a nice bit of lettuce, and both sides of the bun toasted. Who could ask for anything more. I bit into the burger and found the meat cook exactly as I asked for it and it had a proper amount of juicy goodness -- I loved it. The Egg and I doesn’t serve fries but has a nice assortment of other sides to accompany the meal. I had ordered cottage cheese with a side of blue cheese dressing. I was very happy with it. The portion was adequate and the cheese was solid. The blue cheese dressing was likewise delicious.

Photo of Chicken Apple Walnut sandwich on Raisin Toast with side salad by Don Taylor
Chicken Apple Walnut sandwich on Raisin Toast
The Egg and I
My wife’s chicken apple walnut was excellent as well. Flavorful. If it were me I would have asked for it on something other than raisin bread, buy my wife said, “No;” she really liked the raisin bread and raved about how well it complimented the chicken, apple, walnut blend. I stand corrected. Her accompanying salad looked wonderful, all the items were clearly fresh and a nice mix of ingredients.

Our server, Steve, was excellent throughout our experience. His timing was spot-on, he anticipated our needs, for example, he asked me if I would like a dressing for the cottage cheese.  When he refilled our waters he included additional lemon. His friendliness was appreciated.

The Egg & I on Urbanspoon
  • Ambiance: 4 (Clean and open, good for conversations.)
  • Food: 5 (Every item was cooked perfectly.) 
  • Service: 5 (Server was friendly and attentive.)
  • Price: 5 (Lunch was under $12 each, not including drinks)
  • Value: 5 (For lunch I don’t know of many places nicer, more civilized, with better prices.) 
Yes, we’ll be back to the Egg and I in Scarborough and will be sure to stop at any of them in the 20 states they are if we come across another.



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