Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Weathervane, South Portland, ME

Weathervane Seafood Restaurant,
South Portland, Maine (Near the Maine Mall)
It is a rare day that my wife suggests we go out to eat at a seafood restaurant.  She said she had a “hankering for some scallops.”  She suggested Ken’s, which is just down the road from our home.  We headed down and found Ken’s closed for the season.  For some reason we were thinking they remained open – apparently not.  Anyway, knowing Bailey’s, The Clambake, and The Pine Point Grill were closed for sure, I had to think…. How about the Weathervane by the Maine Mall, I suggested.  She said “sure, why not” and away we went.

We were immediately met and seated by a friendly hostess.  Our waitress stopped by, we ordered some water with lemon and continued to review the menu.  The waters arrived with lemon and all was well.

Sea Scallops (Seafarer portion),
Onion Rings, & Coleslaw
Weathervane Seafood Restaurant,
We decided on sea scallops, for my wife, and Haddock for me.  They have what they call the “Seafarer Dinner” where they provide about half the protein for “those with lighter appetites.”  She also substituted French fries with onion rings for a $3 upcharge.

The waitress brought a plate with two plain dinner rolls, cold and uninspiring.  With it were two small packages of butter.  A pat of butter is 1-1/2 teaspoons, and these little "tubs" were probably the 1 teaspoon size.  Maybe smaller.  At least it was real butter.

Fried Haddock Dinner, with French Fries & Coleslaw
Weathervane Seafood Restaurant, South Portland, ME 
The food arrived quickly, in about eleven minutes.  Everything looked good.  I was a little disappointed in the coleslaw.  The serving was in a little cup and could have been a bigger cup.  I found the coleslaw to be delicious, not too sweet and not vinegary.  The fish was cooked very nicely and the portions were good.  The fries were uninspiring.  They do have “Uncle Hank’s French Fry Seasoning” which is quite tasty and a must to make the fries better.  My wife’s scallops were good, but a touch overcooked and a little sandy/gritty.  Certainly, we’ve had worse.  Her onion rings were really good, just the way she likes them.  Hand cut, hand battered, made to order.

During the meal, we were asked if we would like water refills, we said yes and the waitress brought fresh glasses with new lemon.  Very good.

We passed on dessert.


  • Ambiance: 3 (Clean and open)
  • Food: 3 (haddock, 5; scallops, 3; onion rings, 5; fries, 2; Cole slaw 4. 
  • Service: 3 (Server was efficient.)
  • Price: 3 (Dinner was over $16 each, not including drinks)
  • Value: 3  

Overall, it was a good meal; not great, not bad.  I’m sure looking forward to spring and having the many seafood restaurants on Pine Point Road open once again.

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  1. I drive past the Weathervane at the Maine Mall and noticed it was closed.


    I guess that a restaurant with all threes isn't going to make it.


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