Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bridge Street Cafe - Rockford, MN

While I was in Minnesota my brother suggested we go to breakfast at just about the best breakfast place he had been to lately.  He said it was about ten miles but would be well worth the trip.  So we loaded up our mother and headed to Rockford and the Bridge Street Cafe.

The Bridge Street Cafe is a home-town cafe which is open for breakfast, starting at 6:00 AM (7:00 AM Sat & Sun) and open until 2:30 PM (3:00 PM Sat & Sun) and provides a nostalgic trip to a classic all American classic cafe. 

Apparently downstairs of a Masonic Lodge the decor is pleasant. We were quickly greeted and asked if we wanted coffee or juice. We looked over the menu, my mother decided upon the “Breakfast Scramble” with breakfast potatoes (versa hash browns).  Both my brother and I decided on “The Bridge Street Breakfast.”  Three eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, and toast.  Quite unusual, one of the options is French toast and both of us selected that as well as hash browns. 

Breakfast Scramble
We chatted as our coffee and water was pleasantly refreshed and we awaited our breakfasts. The wait was both reasonable and well worth it.  Mom’s “skillet” came on a plate but had everything she would expect. I like my eggs over hard, yoke broken and thoroughly cooked and they arrived perfect. I had opted for the patty sausage (verses links) and it tasted wonderful.  I had also asked that the bacon be well done/crispy and it was. The hash browns were delicious and cooked perfectly.  The French toast was excellent. I understand the idea of putting the butter on the toast (so it will soften) but I don’t care to have it put directly onto the food. The food has been cooked but the little plastic containers haven’t.

The Bridge Street Breakfast
French Toast side with
Bridge Street Breakfast
We were all extremely pleased with our food and service and we will definitely return on our next visit to Minnesota.

  • Ambiance: 3 (70‘s vintage - a bit of home)
  • Food: 4 (Excellent breakfast)
  • Service: 4 (Friendly and timely)
  • Price: 4 (Breakfast under $10 per person)
  • Value: 4 (I will return whenever possible)
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[My brother also reviewed the Bridge Street Cafe on Yelp.]


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  2. The food has been cooked but the little plastic containers haven’t. food and travel

    1. Correct. Although, more properly, I should have said that,
      "The food has been cooked but the little plastic containers containing the butter haven't been cooked or sanitized and should not have been put directly on the food."


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