Saturday, May 4, 2013

First Watch - Smyrna

First Watch is a relatively new restaurant located at the Ivy Walk Shopping Center (corner of Atlanta Road and Cumberland Parkway, SE) in Smyrna.

Although they don't like to think of themselves as a chain, they are with over 100 restaurants over thirteen states. There are two currently in Georgia; the other store is located in John's Creek.  They serve breakfast and lunch, but no dinner, seven days a week.  The restaurant in Smyrna was my first contact with them.

Walking in the door, we were promptly greeted by a very pleasant person who seemed genuinely happy with life in general and with our arrival.  We were asked how we were to which we said "hungry."  The greeting person said they could fix that.

Selecting from the menu was difficult.  There are so many varied items to choose from. Omelets, eggs, pancakes, healthy selections, salads, soups, and sandwiches. Our server was there quickly and found we were not ready to order. We asked for water with lemon and she brought a small pitcher of ice water with a plate of lemon slices.  Excellent!  She then gave us plenty of time to figure out our selections.  I finally decided upon a Reuben.  Many a restaurant is catapulted into a favorite or crashes into oblivion based upon their interpretation of this classic sandwich.  So, I was eager to determine if their's was a good one. My wife decided she wanted a BLT, which wasn't on the menu; so she ordered a BLTE (BLT with Egg and Monterey Jack cheese) without the egg, without the cheese, but with extra bacon and toasted.

The restaurant was busy but the food delivery was fairly quick.  The delivery person asked if we needed anything else. A couple moments later the server also stopped by to confirm all was good and we didn't have anything additional we required.

My sandwich was excellent. The perfect blend of corned beef and sauerkraut and the perfect size for a hungry man.  Nicely grilled marble rye and not too greasy. The corned beef was lean and tasty. I had ordered the "dressed greens" which were also wonderful. I was very pleased with the amount of salad which was included and the vinaigrette was delicious. My wife also ordered the "dressed greens" to which she commented, "These are really good."  Her sandwich was lightly toasted and she will probably ask that it be toasted "well" in the future.  The extra bacon provided her with exactly what she was looking for. Her tomato was nicely ripe and the lettuce probably romaine (not iceberg).

Checking out was a pleasure as the owner/manager person chatted with us and assured we had a great experience.  We did. I'd say it was the best lunch I've had for under $20 (including tip) for two people in a long time.  I've added it to my favorite breakfast/lunch restaurants and will consider them a place to go when I'm in other cities which have a "First Watch." 

Ambiance: 4 (Clean, Bright)
Food: 4 (Nothing fancy, but extremely good)
Service: 5 (Landis was excellent)
Price: 5 (under $10 for lunch per person)
Value: 5 (Excellent food at and excellent price for a sit-down restaurant)

We'll be back regularly.

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  1. I returned to First Watch yesterday. Great Service. Jenn was awesome. My wife thought the ham in an eggs Benedict was a bit salty. She mentioned it to Jenn who wouldn't take no for an answer. My wife received another menu item that she was 100% pleased with. As I've said before, great service at First Watch. We'll be back.


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