Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Varsity: Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, C Terminal

The Varsity
Terminal C, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
Sometimes you know you are doing wrong but you think it won't be so bad.  What a mistake I made going to The Varsity at Atlanta Airport.  

I was running a bit later than I like in getting to the airport for flight so, I figured I'd have a bite for breakfast at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport on my way to Minneapolis. The  Chick-fil-A on Terminal C had a long line but the Varsity next door had very little of a line. I thought, "I like The Varsity downtown for lunch; I'll give this on a chance for breakfast." What a mistake.  I should have moved on when they informed me they didn't have any coffee. Their machine was broken.  Oh well, I ordered a sausage and egg biscuit, hash browns and a tap water.  $7.79.  What? 
Yup $1.79 for a tap water. Same as a soda, they even ring it up as a soda. More than a coffee would have been had their machine been working. Talk about a ripoff. The hash browns were uneatable greasy, just swimming in a pool of oil.  Luckily, you can get your own napkins; it took several to soak up most of the grease. I still needed to squeeze the hash browns to get enough of the grease out to make them eatable.  The egg was over cooked on a too hot grill causing a burned edge all around. "What'll you have?" Nothing ever again at The Varsity: Hartsfield-Jackson Airport location.

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