Thursday, September 10, 2015

Simple Simon's

I love breakfast. I grew up knowing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I also love finding new places to have breakfast. I had seen Simple Simon's on as I drove by several times and figured I’d try them.

This is a local, mom & pop type of restaurant. It was open seating with the grill and the counter in sight of all the tables. There was mostly a senior crowd late on the Friday morning we visited.

We arrived and were told to seat ourselves

Photo of Simple Simon's 2 eggs (over hard), toast, ham, home fries, with an extra side of bacon by Don Taylor
Simple Simon's
2 eggs (over hard), toast, ham, home fries,
with an extra side of bacon.

After a few minutes the waitress came, we ordered coffee and began looking at the menu. Pretty simple fare; eggs, pancakes, omelets, breakfast meats, and home fries. The omelettes looked interesting, plain eggs with toast and you add whatever you want for fillings at sixty cents per ingredient. My wife and I both decided on a number two: 2 eggs any style, home fries, toast, and breakfast meat. She ordered the bacon and I ordered the ham. I also ordered a side
of bacon which I shared with my wife, cause you can’t ever have enough bacon. 

Photo of Simple Simon's 2 eggs (over hard), toast, ham, & home fries by Don Taylor
Simple Simon's
2 eggs (over easy), rye toast, bacon & home fries
The breakfast arrived quickly. My over-hard eggs were cooked in a pan that was a little too hot, so the bottoms and the tops had an undesirable crust. They don’t use a bacon press, so the bacon was curled, but it was crispy as we asked for. The ham was kind of thin and limp. I think they waved the toast at the butter, 'cause there wasn't much butter there. Luckily, they had a nice assortment of jelly on the table, which made up for it. The home fries were very good. I noticed later that you could get home fries with onions as a side item. If I had noticed before I ordered, I’d have had them add onions to it. My wife’s over easy eggs were a bit well done. The yokes weren’t totally hard, but less than half of the yoke was runny, clearly overcooked. She had ordered the rye toast and instead of getting two pieces of toast, she received one piece cut in half. I thought it was poor form, especially when I received two pieces of the regular toast.

Simple Simon's was okay. It just doesn’t stand out. Many places in Scarborough and South Portland serve breakfasts that are better, so we probably won’t be back.

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