Sunday, November 13, 2016

Restaurant Review – Lucky Loggers, Saco Maine

As you know by now, I really like breakfasts. A great breakfast is hard to beat, and a poor breakfast is inexcusable. As the saying goes, it's hard to mess up eggs. I was out and about recently and had a chance to stop in at Lucky Loggers in Saco. It had that look of a breakfast kind of place. It is next door to Reny’s in Saco, where I was going to pick a couple winter shirts and maybe a new fall jacket so I figured it was a perfect time to give it a try.

Kitchen area from my booth.
Lucky Loggers, Saco, ME
I arrived about a quarter after 10 and the breakfast crowd had clearly started dwindling down. I was quickly greeted and brought to a seat. A server stopped by with a menu and the offer of coffee. I ordered the coffee and started looking at the menu.

The coffee arrived and I was asked if I were ready to order. I asked if the hash were made in the kitchen or if it was Mary Kitchen™ out of the can. The waitress told me they make everything locally. I also asked if they had sourdough toast. I wanted my eggs over hard and my home fries. After a few minutes the waitress came back to let me know they didn’t have any sourdough toast, but they could substitute muffin. I said that would be fine.

A few minutes later my meal arrived. I was surprised. It was definitely Mary Kitchen™ out of the can; the eggs were cooked in a pan that was clearly too hot. I’ll admit, the hash was presented in a way that I hadn’t seen before, some kind of a pressed patty. But it was definitely not locally made hash. The home fries were awful. They looked good, but they tasted like they had been cooked sometime before and then microwaved hot a couple times – Chewy. It is rare that I don't eat potatoes, but I only ate about half of them because they were so bad.

The muffin was actually quite good (not pictured). It had been cut top to bottom and then grill toasted. The downside of the muffin was the waitress failed to mention there was an upcharge for muffin instead of toast. I would have probably still gotten the muffin, but it would have been nice to have been told about the upcharge.


Ambiance: 3 (Clean and open – probably noisy during peak times.)
Food: 2 (Home Fries were horrible, Eggs were crackeley.
Service: 2 (Server was friendly and attentive, but didn’t know about the hash and failed to mention the upcharge for the muffin.)
Price: 5 (Breakfast was under $10 each, including coffee)
Value: 3 (Potato portion was considerably smaller than other venues recently.)

Overall: 3 


There are many offerings for breakfast in the Scarborough, Saco, Biddeford area. I’ll pass on Lucky Loggers in the future and try some of the many other locations.

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