Sunday, November 20, 2016

Restaurant Review – Miss Portland Diner, Portland, Maine

The Miss Portland Diner is a 1949 Worcester Lunch Car Company railroad dining car. It was originally located on Forest Avenue, but moved to 49 Marginal Way in 1964. Besides the original dining car there is an addition which provides additional kitchen, storage, bathroom, and dining space.

Coffee Mug
Miss Portland Diner - Est. 1949
A “seat yourself” sign let us know to wonder a bit.  The upstairs was fairly full, although there were some spaces at a long lunch counter area, so we decided on a booth in the addition. Our server took our coffee orders quickly and was back in a flash.  The coffee was served in absolutely beautiful, old fashioned cups.  The cup was the kind that would make a great souvenir. I later learned you can purchase one for $10.00. A great addition to my cups at home.  

Corned Beef Scramble
Our server was really helpful and attentive.  When I asked if the hash was locally made or Mary Kitchen™ out of the can she indicated it was locally made. She also showed me the items on the menu where the has was used – A scramble, an omelet, and as a side to eggs and toast. I ordered the scramble. 

My wife, in search of the world’s perfect eggs Benedict, ordered them. She also ordered an extra side of Hollandaise sauce for her potatoes.

Eggs Benedict
The order arrived and looked great. The scramble clearly used in-house hash.  The portion was acceptable, the home fries were excellent and the English muffin was toasted perfectly. There was a lot of corned beef in the hash and not too many potatoes, so it was an excellent mix. 

Yoke a bit overcooked.
My wife’s eggs Benedict looked really good upon arrival, but upon cutting into it she found the eggs were overcooked. No explosion of yoke when cut into. However, the Hollandaise sauce was the best she has had in years. She loved the sauce and said she could forgive the slightly overcooked egg to for that sauce any time.   


  • Ambiance: 4 (Not sure what the dining car is like but the addition as clean and open, good for conversations.)
  • Food: 4 (Poached egg was a bit overcooked.) 
  • Service: 5 (I don’t think I could have asked for anything more.)
  • Price: 4 (Breakfast was about $10 each, not including drinks.)
  • Value: 4 (Very good food at a good price with really great service.)

We will definitely be back to Miss Portland Diner whenever we are in the area and looking to eat.  I’m guessing their lunches are great too. We need to give that a try sometime soon.


Miss Portland Diner
140 Marginal Way
Portland, Maine 04101

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