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The New Moon, Saco, Maine - Restaurant Review

The New Moon, Saco ME
Photo by Google Maps
We had some business in Biddeford and decided to grab lunch on the way home in Saco. Downtown Saco has several restaurants, and we haven’t been to any of them. We turned in at Pepperell Square to see what might be good. Within a half a block there was pizza, sushi, a diner, and an adorable little place called “The New Moon Restaurant.”  Looking like something transplanted from the Swiss Alps, The New Moon has a mountain-steep roof and yellow paint.

A sign on the front door let us know that they are closed from 2:00 PM (the end of lunch) until the start of dinner (5:00 PM). It was a bit after Noon, so we were good.  Tables and chairs were close; but our hostess brought us to a table that seemed to have enough room, although it would have been uncomfortable if someone was sitting directly behind me. 

Bloody Mary at
The New Moon
We ordered our usual water with lemon and took a look at the menu. The hostess was promoting mimosas, but the Bloody Mary’s sounded to our liking, so we decided to get a couple.  They came quickly and were magnificent. Made with a house-made mix, they were tasty, spicy, and hit the spot.  Unfortunately, they proved to be the best part of the meal.

 My wife decided on a Classic Eggs Benedict with home fries and extra hollandaise sauce. I decided that I’d go for the burger with pepper jack cheese and coleslaw as my side. Rather than getting bacon on it, I opted for a side of bacon that I’d put on it myself.

"Classic" Benedict at
The New Moon
My wife eggs were overcooked.  When the poached eggs were cut into there was almost no running of the yoke. A little oozed out but not enough to flow past the English muffin onto the plate. Yes, the menu mentioned that they used ham instead of Canadian bacon on the Benedict’s.  Bad choice the meat was dry and just doesn't provide the flavor of Canadian bacon. Her potatoes were really greasy, and the Hollandaise sauce was only okay. 

My burger was clearly frozen, out of the box, with little flavor; apparently, any fat that was in the burger had been crushed out of it. The tomatoes were tasteless, probably stored in the refrigerator for days. The bacon was crispy and quite good.  Certainly, many fast-food chains prepare a better burger at half the price. The coleslaw was vinegary. Both of us were disappointed in the meal.

Service was satisfactory, and the waitperson apologized for the cook who was hammering chicken in the back. The pounding was disruptive and really should be done between 2 and 5 PM.  

The (men’s) restroom was small but clean.


Entrance The Book Moon
Photo by author.
Ambiance: 3 (Cute place but tight spaces.)
Food: 2 (Overcooked eggs, greasy potatoes, and tasteless burger.) 
Service: 3 (Server was friendly.)
Price: 3 (I should have made a copy of my original receipt so I could understand the costs. The total bill, including drinks and tip, was over $50. Still, the food was over $12 each quite a lot for a quick brunch.)
Value: 3 (There are many other places nearby. I think we will try them next time.)


It is unlikely we will be back.

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