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Best Value I know of - Mulligan’s - Biddeford, Maine

Restaurant Review – Mulligan’s - Biddeford, Maine 

Martini at
I have had three bad restaurant experiences in a row and decided I didn’t want to have that many negative reviews. So, I decided to mix it up just a bit, add one positive review then go back to another negative review. As a positive review, Mulligan’s Bar and Grill in Biddeford has become a “go to” place for my wife and me. We go out of our way to eat here every month or two.

On our recent visit we were a bit surprised that there wasn’t a hostess to seat us; usually there is. However, a waitress, Chrissy, came quickly and ushered us to a booth. 

We ordered our two glasses of “water with lemon” and two cocktails, a martini and a Manhattan. We know their menu, so we ordered food at the same time as our drinks. My wife ordered the teriyaki steak with rice pilaf (with sour cream) and coleslaw. I ordered a burger with fries and a bowl of chili. I asked for the chili to come with the dinner rather than before the rest of the food.

The drinks arrived and were perfect. The martini was extra dry, as requested, and there were three large olives on a skewer.

Teriyaki Steak with Rice Pilaf & Coleslaw
Mulligan's - Biddeford, Maine
The steaks are thin compared to many other places. But, what do you expect at $4.99? What did I say?  Yes, nothing on the menu is over $4.99. Well, almost nothing. Their burger is also $4.99, but adding bacon adds 50 cents to the price. So, I guess you could say a bacon cheeseburger is $5.49. 

My wife’s steak was cooked a perfect medium rare.  The extra teriyaki sauce on the side was extremely tasty.  The rice pilaf was excellent. Finally, my wife thinks Mulligan’s coleslaw is one of the best she has ever eaten – Savory without being vinegary.  I agree, their coleslaw is fantastic.

My burger came a juicy, flavorful, medium well. I had asked for both raw and sautéed onions and received them, although I would have preferred a few more raw onions, it was excellent. The fries are typical for bar food, nothing to be excited about, but make a great compliment to the chili. Their chili is quite good. It is tomato hot and not overpowering. I enjoyed it with the fries and the burger.

The restaurant was quite busy while we were there, but our server, Chrissy, was friendly and attentive.


Chilli, burger & fries
Mulligan’s - Biddeford, Maine
Ambiance: 3 (It is an older Irish bar with tables and booths.)
Food: 4 (Everything was good.) 
Service: 4 (Server was friendly and attentive.)
Price: 5 (Lunch was under $7 each including extra for the chili and the coleslaw (not including drinks).
Value: 5 (By far, Mulligans is the best value of any restaurant I know.)


I often say that, “Good food, reasonably priced, with great service makes life enjoyable.” Mulligan’s is the kind of place that makes life enjoyable.  We will be back, again and again.


Mulligan’s Irish Bar and Grill
23 Lincoln St.,
Biddeford, Maine

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