Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ruby Tuesday - Smyrna, GA

We have grown to really love Ruby Tuesday.  After I returned from Minnesota, the first restaurant we went out to at at was Ruby Tuesday, on South Cobb Drive in Smyrna.  On the Ruby Tuesday website they call it Ruby Tuesday of Concord. Although it is about a block from Concord Road, the other Ruby Tuesdays in the area are named based upon the city they are in and not a nearby road. 

We receive coupons in the mail regularly for Ruby Tuesday which help convince us to go there.  Our last visit was excellent.  My wife goes for the Memphis dry-rub ribs. Her big decision is if she is going to get a half rack or a full rack and take some home.  Steamed Broccoli and White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes comprise her sides. As usual, she was extremely pleased with her food.  Fall-off-the-bone ribs are always wonderful.

I, on the other hand have a lot of trouble deciding what to have.  There are so many choices.  I usually go for something I don’t get at home, and the Ruby Tuesday Menu has so many things that are great.  It took me a while, but I finally decided on the “New Spicy Fish Tacos.”  It comes with your choice of soup or the salad bar.  The Ruby Tuesday Salad bar is quite good and, I’ll admit, I can fill my plate quite nicely with all that healthy goodness. 

Ruby Tuesday Memphis Dry Rub Ribs 
So, I’m off to the salad bar, I like the spring mix of greens as well as the array of cheeses and toppings.  I particularly like the dark, crispy but still chewy croutons. The broccoli cheese is really good too. 

Just about the time I finished my salad, I have about three bites or so left, the food arrives.  Using just her fork my wife pulls the meat off the bone, no need to cut these ribs. No need to rip the meat off the bones with her teeth, she can eat them nice and civilized.  Anyway, she’s off to “Ruby Ribs Bliss.”

Ruby Tuesday Spicy Fish Tacos
(photo is slightly out of focus)
My fish tacos look amazing.  They come in a little rack that hold the soft shells up and keep the filling on the inside -- Nicely presented. The  proportions of each of the fillings were about perfect, not too much cilantro, enough cheese, and sour cream. The pico was fresh and tasty.  I enjoyed the fish tacos a lot, certainly the best I’ve had a a major restaurant chain. 

The service was good. Our server, Latony, was personable and attentive; she did a great job. 

With the coupon, we were out of there at less than $10 each which is a great dinner value. 

As I said, my wife really loves the ribs so I have absolutely no doubt that we’ll be back; she’ll have the ribs and I will be able to try another of their new items. 

Ruby Tuesday (Smyrna) 
Ambiance: 4 (Clean, Spacious)
Food: 4 (Excellent dry-rub ribs)
Service: 4 (Friendly and timely)
Price: 5 (Dinner under $10 per person with coupon)
Value: 4.25)

Ruby Tuesday on Urbanspoon

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