Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review: The Tilted Kilt - South Portland

By Don Taylor

I have liked The Tilted Kilt ever since I visited my first "TKs" I was hooked. Great atmosphere, great food, and an excellent bar.  What more could you ask for?  When I lived in Georgia, I and my co-workers, particularly our out-of-town visitors would enjoy a trip to TKs.  Yes, I know what you are thinking, it was for the scantily clad young women. But no,  it was for the food.

When I moved to Maine two years ago, I was disappointed that there were no TKs in Maine.  Luckily, last fall one opened up in South Portland.  It was definitely on my list to check them out.

Tilted Kilt Bar & Eatery, South Portland
Photo by Don Taylor
It had taken several months before I had a chance to get there.  When I arrived, I felt like I was back home.  Because I was alone, I decided to sit at the bar. It was a warm day, so I ordered a Leinenkugels Summer Shandy from their excellent beer menu.

I took a look at the food menu. I've been on a fish tacos kick lately and thought, why not give the fish tacos at TKs a try. Then the lights started to flicker.  On-off-on-off... on again... then off. This time for good. After a few minutes, the server came by and let me know the kitchen was still open; they use gas for their grills. Just about the only thing they couldn't do was the fish tacos.  Bummer.  My recollection was that their Irish Nachos were superb. I don't recall the option before to ask for them "spicy" with a "zesty-hot ground sausage blend." I thought that sounded excellent.

In a few minutes, the Irish nachos arrived and they were, in fact, excellent.  They use an in-house made thick potato chip that is crispy.  The sausage blend was good and the proportion of chips, meat, and sauce were perfect.  They may have been the best nachos I've ever had, Irish or not. I loved them! I did try to take a photo of the Irish nachos for this blog, but it didn't come out. In the twilight darkness of the no-power restaurant, my old iPhone flash made the colors wrong.

I finished eating and was finishing my beer when the power was restored; the 20-plus televisions started up with a "Matrix-like" view.  It was cool to watch.

It is not fair to judge service or critique during the stressful time of no power. So, I will just need to go back and do a full review later. ;)

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